Spiritual Tasha Mama Nude (3 vids)


The 3 videos contain Spiritual Tasha Mama nude and masturbating. Spiritual Tasha Mama is a YouTubers with over 500k subscribers
Thanks to the person that sent me these!


  1. Okay, actually, she is selling masturbating vids and nude vids on clips4sale. So i am now doubting one commenter saying her husband posted these vids. She’s actually selling vids to make money (because she has no job and her ex-husbands have all been job-less).

  2. Oh wow, these were submitted by her ex?? Damn that sucks. :/ I thought she decided to share these in a new attempt at openness and sexuality, etc etc. Damn… that kinda changes it.

  3. Can’t believe she wasn’t talking in these videos… All of her other ones she never shuts up… I love her tits… I would fuck and suck them…

    • I don’t get a single advert, guess why? It’s a genius program called ad block, might want to try it unless your using internet explorer, that never finishes loading.


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