Kat Wonders Galactic January (1 vid)


Kat Wonders Galactic January video


  1. Women’s level of beauty and charme is not the same , someone could offer 100$ to a girl to see her wearing a bikini , the same person might refuse to pay 1 $ to see another girl fully naked!
    As long there is no forcing or cheating , why some people are complaining ?!

  2. you got to be a fuckin horny loser to pay for this shit…makin that bitch rich to try on clothes while you whack your 4 inch pee pee…pathetic…

  3. yup this video was removed from youtube for ‘nude or sexual’ content. LOL. you can actually see tits on youtube but this gets removed showing nothing and being boring af?

  4. It’s fun how I eager to see new vids of Kat in this website, but I dont even watch the videos anymore, she is too boring and shows nothing at all, I just come to laugh reading the comments

  5. it looks like she is starting to get a little better. i think she knows how lame she was. she is at the bottom of the totem poll. hi kat.

  6. yeah sadly at this point all of these chicks have gotten boring af posting the same shitty content.

    especially Vicky stark <who I thought, when she first stepped in, would be the difference, but now that she's found out no one actually will pay for your content.. her last video was pretty lame given she started to edit her in between changes..

    so if that's what to come she can just stop while she's ahead cause she'll be right up there with the rest them..

    • Yep right nobody know what happenes tomorrow.. everything can be change very quick

      PS i don’t think so she would be doing dildo b/g etc. content, for worthy not called lame, boring and same shitty OR!? and yes it is still just TRY-ON!

  7. I love to bust a load all over her armpits. It’s a shame she’s clean shaven.

    Yeah i changed my name from Armpit Fucker to Armpit Enthusiast. There’s just a negative stigma attached to the first one.


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