Caroline Zalog Sexy & Lingerie (22 pics)


Caroline Zalog sexy & lingerie screenshots from the video


  1. Quite possibly the sexiest bitch I’ve ever seen. Out of all of them that have Patreons, how the hell doesn’t she have one?

  2. Obviously Dave the Cuck is a troll, and others are aware of this. However, other make comments which imply that they think he’s serious. But it begs the question. Are these guy also aware of his trolling but purposely engage with him? How many layers of irony are they on, and how much further will they get?

    • Well good sir as one that engages him and has previously stated he is a troll (to which he ignores) i must troll him back as internet retribution for he has LARPed on this great site for too long.

    • this is implying that Dave isn’t a 4D chess player and making you believe that he’s arguing with other people when in fact it’s just him

      • You could be right. He replied to a comment 12 minutes after it was posted. Either he checks up on this site like every hour or he responds to himself, both of which are pretty pathetic.

        • This comment makes no sense. Pathetic is arguing in youtube comments with the same guy for years surely. Having an overactive libido with cock like a rock in hand ready spit creamy goo on my screen to some sloot good sir

  3. lol every comment it’s someone saying bbc and cuck and some people getting triggered jumping with the N-word and shit lol.
    just fap guys forget about this shit!.

    Btw what’s her youtube channel content , she wears shit and show on camera?

    • Lmao no she belongs to thw whites not those monkey looking slave having ass alabama niggers she belongs with a bean of higher power

      • I don’t think she deserves an average 4 inch white dicks, white boys would have a hard time pounding that ass. Just let her go, her body is built for superior bbc.

        • You just revealed you’re a black guy LARPing as a cuck. Seen you crying about ashtyn getting fucked by a white guy called you a beta then, this confirms it.

          • name a white guy with big inches? exactly. just admit it.
            you act like white guys can give her the best orgasm than black people.

            girls like inches. you never see girls that cares about long lasting relationships


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