1. The only one virgin here that actually enjoys just seeing this scam artist in bikini is virginhunter , so please do us all a favor and go fuck yourself hard pussy, 😘

    • I dont feel ripped off, i didnt pay a cent, lol. I guess you think shes a scam artist because she ripped you off. Aww you poor virgin. Lmao!!

  2. Stop expecting anything from these women on patron. Kat, Christina, hell even Vicky at this point, are scam artists. I don’t agree with how they are scamming people yet at the same time you can’t blame them for working the system and taking advantage of dumb asses that will pay 150 a month for shit they can see on YouTube for free of the same chicks. Hence why you have sites like these to counter act their actions.. Fuck em.. Stop while your ahead expecting any of the chicks to go full nude. It ain’t happening. Be thankful shits even being posted otherwise you’d be wonder what you were missing which is clear not a damn thing. Hell there’s better vouyer videos out their than this crap lol

  3. Yeah can we not have 25 days of this please? You might as well re upload the same video for 25 days straight we wouldn’t tell the difference


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