1. It’s always entertaining to hear people cry about her stuff as if she will ever change lol as always be happy you have the content, even if it’s not worth the ask pricing. I’m pretty sure we all figured out along time ago these women are just working the system hence why you have sites like these to counter act their prude asses for scamming people.

  2. How does not paying $150 for shit you can see on her YouTube channel for free make someone a virgin. Stop white-knighting for this chick. She isn’t gonna fuck you.

  3. inb4 the “VirginHunter” insults people for their perfectly justified opinion

    It’s gonna be pretty embarrassing if they don’t comment now since I’ve said this

    • Perfectly justified opinions? Complaining about free content or that shes not showing boobs and pussy is not justified, lol. Stfu virgin.

  4. It’s a lot better than her lingerie tier was, but wow, $150? Her promo picture for this tier had an implied topless photo of her too (doing a handbra), so it’s basically a scam too.


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