1. I’m not sure who I hate more… KatWonders and her boring videos or the people she has brought into the comments section.

    Who the fuck is VirginHunter and why is he so angry? And calling everyone fags?

  2. VirginHunter in here 30 mins after a new post calling men gay for wanting to see tits. Special Ed class must’ve let out early today.

  3. In before VirginHunter calls everyone a fag because they want to see tits.

    It makes total since if you’re an autistic kid from Canada, I guess.

    • Actually, the nerds who call her boring or post insults are fags, and the nerds who complain she isnt showing enough are virgins. Get it right, you fucking loser. Lmao!!

        • Holdin Tudiks(Two Dicks)?? weird name? are you implying that you’re holdin your dick and another guys dick?? Wow! You’re definately a fag, lol


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