1. I’m married. To a woman. I’m actually astonished at your local of basic social queues. Never mind, I don’t have time to teach a special Ed class today, I suppose I’m just a fag because a 13 year old with access to the internet is cranking it to a lookalike of his mom. Adorable.

  2. What a bizarre little kid you are…

    Does mom know you’re using the internet? Having actually seen an attractive woman before and being to objectively compare does not make someone a fag…? Is that the only word you know? She’s 45. She’s got saggy tits. Who cares. He’s not a fag for pointing out the obvious.

    Seek help. You’re much too young to be so angry on the internet.

  3. Admins, can you please post more trannies? Preferably brazilian trannies with huge cocks. Thats more my cup of tea. Fuck this ugly whore


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