• No, Virgins are basically you. The type to get mad because she wont show her purple nurples or her fleshy cavern, lmao!! And then there are the gay dudes who complain that shes boring, again probably you, lol

  1. She calls the watcher base that she’s consistently scammed and swindled with these subpar videos “Wonder Kats” lol

    • Aww you still feeling sorry for virgins who pay for this?? Do you feel sorry for old people who get scammed over the phone as well?? Hahaha you sound like a bitch😂😂😂

  2. She’s so boring I almost blacked out. It’s literally incredible she’s made 100 videos of her in a bikini. My lord.

    • I swear, the only people who complain are desperate virgins who get salty because she wont show her boobs or pussy, lol…seriously, y’all are pathetic😂😂


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